Saturday, December 3, 2011

InGame Advertising

Advertising@ its best
  Advertising in games- In game Advertising( IGA) and in particular advertising in mobile gaming is going to be big thing in the digital marketing - New York Times. The massive gaming industry is going to be 60 billion $ in revenues in 2008.Recent research shows in-game ads increased purchase intent, brand recommendation, brand rating and engagement metrics all across the board.According to 85 studies from Microsoft’s in-game ad serving company for PC and Xbox 360 called Massive, in-game ads were found to increase purchase intent by 24%, brand recommendation by 23% and overall brand rating by 32%.

Why Ingame Advertising is mandatory in the Digital Marketing. Some of the arguments in favor of this Digital Platform:-

1.Advertising in Games is about Engagement, Not Eyeballs

2. Lets be true people spends more time on the face book than Google, Yahoo or any other site.
Social games reach the face book audience e.g. Farm Ville

3.Advertising in games is not restricted to the virtual world. Real ads would add a sense of realism.Grand TheftAuto is using ads and is creating a revenue stream for the nascent industry.

Kimberly-Clarke's " KT's Impossi-Bubble Adventures" promotes tampons among girls

4. Brands can be a part of entire gaming experience. Remember brand experience is the shortest way to customer loyalty.Marketers are creating ads that can be a part of games so Brands are in action in the games.

5. Every Marketer's goal :- Attract as many as you can from attractive content and then filter the required one - Games are the best way to do so.

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