Sunday, January 26, 2020

Flipkart & Hotstar- Advertising Platform

Key Stats(2017-2018)
Total User base
Monthly Active Users
Advertising Revenue

INR 168 Cr
INR 600 Cr

Flipkart has joined hands with Hotstar to enhance mutual advertising capabilities.

The new platform, Shopper Audience Network, developed by Flipkart, in partnership with Hotstar, will allow advertisers to target consumers through personalized video ads on Hotstar and encourage consumers to complete the purchase on Flipkart. The
platform is estimated to have a reach of 150 million users across hundreds of categories
Flipkart has access to shopper data that includes their location, gender, buying propensity, category affinity, etc.
In addition, it segregates its audience via defined personas such as gadget freaks, travelers, shoppers, etc, which in turn expects to make this platform to be highly optimized and measurable for advertisers
Shopper Audience NetworkFlipkart Insights on user data( Purchase Journey) + Hotstar Content+ Hotstar Video Ad Ecosystem = Personalised/Relevant/Interest-based Targeting.

The details on commercial and operational aspects of the partnership are not available
Key People
  • Prakash Sikaria- Senior Director Monetization at Flipkart
  • Prabh Simran Singh- EVP at Hotstar


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