Saturday, November 5, 2016

Feed on Global Content in a Global Restaurant called Netflix!!

I am not a big fan of Netflix, as I get to watch latest content much earlier on hosting websites. I was up at 2am in the morning and was browsing on netflix, I came across a Japanese reality show- The Terrance House. It is a subtitled reality show involving young Japanese adults and i am totally hooked on to it. I usually don't like reality based content, but this show is different. It's bunch of 20 year old people hanging out together, sharing their beliefs, career, aspirations. Nothing on the show, seems forced or dramatic, and it is easy on you at all levels. What I liked the most is deep insight  into Japanese culture, and how it is beautifully diverse. It seems engaging and honest at the same time

I guess this is real future of netflix to supply constant foreign content( subtitled to local language) to foreign countries. Netflix has a platform to push global content to you instantaneously and this time language is not barrier as most of content is very well subtitled. With Netflix entering into more countries, it is more likely that Netlfix library may appear more international oriented than US centric

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