Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sales- A laboratory to Human Nature

Sales is like an art and artists (they may be rogues, charlatan, dream makers, seducers etc.) do their best when they are left alone with less supervision. I am not a great fan of detailed reports, daily CRM updation- opportunities, conversion rate etc. Let marketing guys take care of this analysis and devise marketing strategy and schemes accordingly. Sales meeting, once a week backed by strong incentives schemes, will do Company's revenues a lot of good than doing documentation of sales by salesperson. The underlying principle here is  aligning core activity to the right person.

As far as Salesperson is concerned, they possess different skills and work with different motives on the field. 
Sales person can be charmers, eager to win with everyone that they meet. 

There are salesperson, who hunts and are good in closing sales quickly and frequently, These people are generally good for transactional sales, products and services with shorter life cycle

There are salesperson who are good at building relationships, doing iterative meetings with clients. These people are good at selling services and products with a longer life cycle.

Some sales person are incentives driven. They cannot do sales until and unless lured by powerful incentive schemes and there are still others who does it for pure thrill of it.

Some excerpts from HBR and there are interesting insights in each of them:-

1. "You are like a beggar in sales, asking again and again all day," he said. "The salesman should  loose robes. You never get upset. Of course, sometimes you have customers and you want to kill them. But you're not allowed to."- Customer is the Boss

"I have people who work with me who know everything about sales, but they still couldn't sell," he said. "They don't have what it takes. And then I've watched kids on YouTube who make fake infomercials and they're getting millions of views" - Selling is an art it comes with intelligence, practice and belief

3. I am looking for people who can make others comfortable, who are spontaneous, who are are articulate, and who are able to deal with the unexpected.-Steve Jobs

4. "Managing, or hiring a sales force is to understand dynamics among personality, self-perception, and role. Identify the conflicts so that selling feels as normal and natural as it should.- Philip Delves 

In the end, what enables a sales personnel to succeed is the ideal balance between who is he? and what he is being required to do?.


Unknown said...

Correct.. during reading the artivle i feel u r fit for this role

Unknown said...

Correct.. during reading the artivle i feel u r fit for this role