Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Social CRM

 Social CRM is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers. Social CRM is confused with Social Monitoring as social monitoring deals with monitoring of conversation related to brands and its products.

The strategy is based on the customer interactions and engagement.

This tools is more effective in travel industry and business that delivers experience to their customers and entire transaction between customer and their business partner is dynamic.

Social CRM is basically an effort to grow your customers into associates and partners

Social CRM has applications in marketing, customer service and sales, including:
  • peer-to-peer customer support
  • idea management
  • market research
  • product launch
  • brand reputation management
Social CRM has different applications in different industries but key is to understand is that is still a backhand tool for managing customer relationships.

Traditional CRM

In traditional CRM, there is no input from customer. CRM works largely in a manner to support sales, marketing and services and support.

Social CRM

In Social CRM, customer act as a advocate and we can get direct feedback from customer on our sales, promotions, marketing efforts and services support. However, this demands a greater collection of information from consumer's side; probably a tool to filter out social messages and get the desired data on services etc

Evolution of CRM into SCRM

This diagram explains the entire process.I have worked in CRM technology as a software engineer.I strongly believe that if this model is properly implemented with proper tools and keeping in mind that it is only
 customer that drives the entire business model, then it can prove really helpful.

Applications  of SCRM

Some of the applications of SCRM for Business Purposes are:-


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